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Sexual problems are common among people living with MS. Here's what you can do to regain sexual function and enjoyment. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society NMSS , sexual response, such as arousal and orgasm, can be affected by damage to the central nervous system, as well as by other common MS symptoms such as fatigue, spasticity , abnormal sensations , and psychological factors such as depression. As a result, sexual problems are common among people who have MS. A study published in November in BMC Neurology found that the majority of people with MS reported one or more problems with sexual function, with lack of sexual interest 42 percent of women , and difficulty with erection 40 percent of men being the most common issues.

The study also noted that sexual dysfunction was directly affected by depression and fatigue. A more recent meta-analysis of other studies, published in Systematic Reviews in January , found that sexual dysfunction is highly prevalent in men with MS 63 percent.

An earlier study, published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , found that 64 percent of women with MS experienced sexual dysfunction, with the most common issue being trouble with orgasm 41 percent. All these issues can be difficult to discuss with a partner, and can therefore lead to sexual and relationship problems. But once you understand how MS le to problems with sex, you can focus on finding ways to regain your enjoyment of sexual intimacy. MS can directly affect your sexual response and function if it damages the nerves that carry messages from your brain to your sexual organs, says Nicholas LaRocca, PhD , a clinical psychologist who specializes in MS and is a consultant for the NMSS.

For men, this can mean difficulty attaining or maintaining an erection the most common sexual problem related to MS , reduced sensation in the penis, and difficulty ejaculating, notes the NMSS. For women, it can mean reduced sensation in the vagina and clitoris, painfully heightened sensation, or vaginal dryness , per the NMSS.

Both men and women may have trouble with arousal and reaching orgasm. MS can interfere with sexual desire or function in less direct ways and have a libido-dampening effect, per the NMSS. These include MS-related fatigue , spasticity, psychological factors relating to self-esteem and mood changes, and emotional factors including depression, anxiety, anger, and the stress of living with a chronic illness. Some MS symptoms may be so personal that you have a difficult time telling your partner about them and decide to simply avoid sex. LaRocca says.

For a single person with MS who may want to have a sexual encounter, there may be some hesitation and concern with revealing the problems involved, LaRocca points out. Although you might find it embarrassing or difficult to talk about intimate concerns, communication — with both your partner and your medical team — is the first step to getting your sex life back on course.

Graves says. Graves also stresses the importance of working with your medical team. Graves notes that several available treatments can improve sexual function and help rekindle romantic feelings. Per the NMSS, some options include:. Talk with your doctor about what treatment or combination of treatments would be most helpful for you.

Sexual dysfunction is quite common, so chances are your doctor is more comfortable with the topic than you think, Graves says. Health Topics. Health Tools. Multiple Sclerosis. By Madeline R. Reviewed: July 30, Medically Reviewed.

Adult wants real sex Mississippi

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Adult wants real sex Mississippi