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Lucy Striker. Hey there, St. It is in the Historic Inner East part of downtown Dayton. If you're interested in checking out where the rentals are, you should definitely consider forwarding a message to the Historic Society's list at rentals [at] stanneshill. You should also consider posting to the Facebook too.

I know gay and lesbian couples who live in these neighbors and have definitely found community. That said, totally check them out yourself, as how good a neighborhood is going to feel largely depends on your neighbors. Since you're from Dayton, you probably know this times over. I don't know much about Belmont personally, but the friends I have there are artists and musicians, and have found a nice community.

The neighbors are always really kind and say hey when I go over there, which I love. It definitely seems like there's no big issue with prejudice neighbors, but again, see it! I'm gonna be straight up on this: I lived in the Oregon District, and being a renter is miserable. This is the opinion of me, my partner, several business owners who moved out of the area. Essentially, if you are not one of the "old time" cliques, you are totally SOL. We were constantly treated like white trash, and it was just an extremely cold feeling from the "owners.

Say hey Small Claims court. I don't front. And yeah: it's gotten to that! Never even in my ages of living in Brooklyn with the most landlord ever did I experience the petty nonsense I did in this place. It was whack and VERY disappointing. Can't speak to the suburbs, but I am sure others can. Good luck! I know how FUN it is to look for housing here. Or anywhere? But especially here! Sincerely, L As for the lofts, St. You could hear right through the walls like nobody's business, and there is definitely mad crime at night.

Folks I know who lived there all moved out because they really jacked up the rents. It's worth looking at! Last edited by Lucy Striker; at PM.. Reason: this message board doesn't know what "bad" words are. Dayton Sux. I guess since it's gay pride month fitting that this thread has been resurrected. And funny that I didn't post on it. Originally Posted by Dayton Sux. Ah, I see. I could never really tell. Your comments on the Oregon landlords is a good example of what i suspected some of the problems with Dayton, in general, not nescessarily the Oregon.

It was owned by some guy up in Darke County. There was a fire, he got an insurance settlement, but did nothing with the building, just boarded it up. Ordinarily one would expect a property owner to use the money to fix the damn building. But oh no, not in Dayton! Dayton Towers seem to have that issue by reading the online reviews, and the complex I live in Springfield owned by a national property owner in LA also. Maybe I was spoiled by rent control in California, but is it normal for rent to go up every single year in an apartment building?

So im slowly getting priced out of my apt. Need to find cheaper digs. In my experience Dayton has no true gay geographical area like you used to find in some cities famous ones are Boys Town in Chicago or Castro in SF. I used to live near one in Sacramento Great area, easy to get around. At that time it was pretty safe, too. But this has changed, I hear. I lived in an old building in the Capital Park neighborhood, which was right next to the State Capital.

It was named after this wonderful park, and was an easy walk to Lavender Heights. What was happening at that time was Lavender Heights was so popular that the gays started to move beyond the Old City to next-door Mickinley Park neighborhood. Then a new suburban area w. The lack of a concentrated or visible gay area is probably a good thing since it makes for less of a target for gay bashing. That "fruit loop" is really only three bars, since Masque is not a true gay bar due to the very mixed crowd it gets still a great place for dancing And a correction or two to the list posted upthread.

The Stage Door is developing into a lesbian bar, their side bar. They have renamed that part of the bar, too, but I forget the name. The true 'leather' bar is Argos, an old corner bar located on Richard Street in the outer reaches of Newcom Plain. This place probably has the nicest bar patio of all the gay establishments, but it is very butch. The neighborhood is pretty dicey, too they have closed circuit TV where you can watch your car and who might be lurking outside.. Since there isn't a real geographical concentration, you find life revolves around social circles and cliques, and around the churches or church groups, which play a big role here, it seems I've been told the tricking casual sex thing happens mostly online now, not crusing bars like when I came out in California.

There used to be "community center", which was a group of lesbians and gays that met in churches and had these coffeehouse things every week, with bigger events through the year, but this group has faded, and pretty much just organizes Pride events. There is no political or activist organization here. Attempts have been made but they fail due to lack of interest. Most gay people here with get -up-and-go have got-up-and-went, since this isnt really an accepting place So the community here is probably not as large as one would expect.

It is also, still, pretty closeted. Most younger gay and lesbian folks leave town. For in-Ohio the go-to city for gay outmigrants is Columb us. I've also known three gay guys who moved to San Francisco Last edited by Dayton Sux; at PM.. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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Dayton ohio lesbian

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