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Looking for some information or did something unexpected come up? Nothing like knowing who can help. Here are some contacts that may be useful during your trip and stay, so you don't waste time looking for what you need.

At the Lisbon Airport, specialised and duly identified staff will assist you in case of doubts or difficulties, and provide all necessary support and referral needed. For tourist information transports, accommodation and visits and to purchase taxi vouchers, visit the desk of the Lisbon Tourism Association.

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To cancel the booking, clients should contact our services through the following e-mail address: servicoscomerciais ana. It offers a wide range of Portuguese beverages, snacks and products for you to enjoy. This service is available at the airports of Lisbon and Porto, and may be reserved through the website www. The service operates between AM and PM, with a maximum use time of 3 hours. Whenever a client books a service they will receive a confirmation e-mail with the voucher and an e-mail with the invoice.

The voucher must be printed out and delivered when entering the Lounge. At the time of entering the Lounge, you can also request your boarding pass. Fast Track service is the solution for passengers who have no time to lose, or wish to make the most of every moment at the airport without any stress or queuing. This is a priority lane allowing for speedy security control. This service is available at the Lisbon, Porto, Funchal and Ponta Delgada airports, and can be booked via www.

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Free phone chat Lisbon

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