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Added: Shastina Paradis - Date: We are a c 3 non-profit organization. Having said that, we do not provide or refer to abortion providers. Web De by Drum Creative. Select Language English Spanish. Planned Parenthooda government funded and supported organization has been in the media spotlight frequently, and continued funding for it has become a major obstacle in the congressional budget debate. Too often most of the information a teen or young woman receives about sex and reproductive issues comes from peer groups, commercial media, and advertising.

Sex education typically consists of a short, embarrassing series of slide presentations or videos in middle school, where questions are likely to be met with giggles from peers and half answers from educators who are not trained, medical professionals. At the same time, pressure to engage in sexual activity comes from seemingly every direction — television and print advertising and content, peers and friends, as well as potential romantic interests. It is often easier to become involved than to become informed. Unfortunately, the consequences can be life altering.

No Planned Parenthood office is available for women in need of information in Greenville. We have an all-female staff of medical professionals whose mission is to inform, educate and treat women on all aspects of reproductive health, pregnancy options, counseling and related issues. Consultation and Testing Participating in sexual intercourse can result in an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy regardless of the method of contraception utilized.

Contraceptive products are frequently used improperly due to inexperience or a lack of knowledge concerning their use. Defective items can fail as well. Either occurrence can result in pregnancy, or in exposure to sexually transmitted infection or disease. Counselors who understand the anxiety associated with a possible pregnancy can make the procedures less stressful. The type of pregnancy test used also makes a difference, as all are not equally reliable. Even if a home test kit indicates pregnancy, a professional testing should be performed. The appointment is kept private, and the testing is performed using the most reliable means.

Planned Parenthood vs. Alternatives to Abortion Termination of an unwanted pregnancy is an abortion. Clinic counselors present detailed information on the techniques and procedures utilized in performing abortions at each stage of pregnancy. Patients are fully informed of the abortion risks, the recovery time and the physical aspects of the procedures. Alternatives to abortion are discussed in as much detail as the patient desires. Although legal, abortion is much more than just ridding one of a problem, and alternatives are available and should be fully explored.

Women looking for Planned Parenthood in Greenville, South Carolina can call us for alternatives to abortion, free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, referrals and prenatal care. Prenatal Care Referrals During pregnancy the health of the mother to be and of the fetus is paramount. Good prenatal care is an important part of having a baby.

Regular checkups, monitoring fetal progression and periodic ultrasounds are all part of the care necessary for a successful birth and healthy mother and baby. For those women who choose to terminate their pregnancy by having an abortion, counseling services are available. Counseling includes full discussion of what happens post-abortion, a subject not always a part of the preparation and conduct of the procedure. All women deal with the aftermath of abortion in different ways and professional counseling and assistance are needed to resolve many of the issues.

For instance, family, friends and even some medical personnel and clergy often do not understand that what has happened is more than simply ridding oneself of a problem so that normal life may. However, just as there are many forces which drive the decision to undergo an abortion in the first place, such as parental or spousal pressure or the fear of losing friends or boy-friend, recovery from abortion may result in changes to how others interact with the mother, which induces emotional stress and feelings of rejection.

Counseling is often necessary to deal with what has been called Post Abortion Distress. Walk-ins Welcome. No Appointment Necessary. Pregnancy Services Your First Visit? All Right Reserved. Piedmont Women's Center. Pregnancy Services. Your First Visit? Child Loss Support. Men's Services. About Abortion. About Us.

Housewives looking casual sex Lowndesville South Carolina

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