Looking for erotic fun and more

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Have you already put together your own sex bucket list or have you shied away from creating it? Well, this one should be a no-brainer for everyone. While it can sound a bit too kinky for comfort at first, introducing blindfolds to the bedroom is a simple but effective way to spice up your sex life.

With the sense of sight out of the game, you can enhance your other senses, and your focus specifically shifts to feeling the sensual touches from your partner, likely heightening the pleasure you can get from them. Giving your partner a lap dance can be such a fun way for both of you to enjoy some fun and foreplay before actually taking things to the bedroom. And why not ask your partner to even return the favor! Want to learn more about your partner and simultaneously have a bit of daring fun with them?

Then a round or two of sexy truth or dare, with focus on intimate questions and tasks, could be exactly what your date needs in order to be perfect and sizzling hot. If you need some truth or date ideas, the Pick-a-Stick game has 50 of them! It can prove to be a great deal of fun to go out together to a lingerie shop to pick out the sexy outfit for your next date night, sort of like a foreplay of foreplay.

There are several reasons why you should add talking dirty into your list of things to try in bed. Scavenger hunts are typically thought of as being more fitting for the family activities bucket list , but you can also enjoy them as an adult. Leave clues in strategic places that are the best fit for your situation, and have the scavenger at the end of the hunt be an incredible and steamy night together. If your struggling trying to find scavenger hunt ideas check out this easy romantic scavenger hunt.

So how about you do the dirty deed over the phone? It can be quite different from traditional sex as the only one actually touching you will be you, but your partner will be there in spirit, and in some ways this can actually up the level of intimacy between you two, in ways actual sex cannot.

Following that idea, choose characters that best speak to you and your partner, and create some scenarios to play out in the bedroom for some additional freshness and spice in your love life. You can find some hot halloween costumes perfect for dressing up any time of the year. For an extra side bucket list challenge do all these 20 role playing ideas.

Chilling in the hot tub with your partner, drinking some bubbly, is such a relaxing and simultaneously romantic activity. The body paints made exactly for the purpose of using them in the bedroom are the type that can be eaten, coming in different fruity or chocolate flavors, among other options. Talk about the fun and pleasure coming off of letting your partner lick the body paints off you! Ready to get started? Get your Twister game here! Bubble baths can be incredibly sensual and relaxing, even on your own!

Dare yourself to bring some champagne and strawberries to be enjoyed in the bath! Another fun way to get some new dimensions to your already existing relationship or to get physically closer to your new date is by playing strip poker together! Do you want to make your partner anticipate their next meeting with you? Then how about send them some sensual and sexy photos of you in some lingerie — or even less clothing than that. Alternatively, it might even be a fun activity to take some sexy photos together to keep as a memory.

If you need some pretty boudoir ideas these 25 are stunning. Similar to a bubble bath, showering together is an incredibly sensual and intimate activity, without having to actually be straightforwardly sexual. This is probably one of the easiest new things to try in bed! A bonus addition to this sex bucket list is completing all of these 46 sexual positions for stimulation and stronger orgasms. Which one was your favorite? One of the simplest ways you could spice things up in the bedroom is by creating a playlist filled with songs you feel like best set the mood for some sexy times. Just about anything you want can be purchased online, and here are some of the best selling adult toys.

Have fun! In exchange, your partner may be willing to let you tie them up, too! To clarify, quickie means short-lasting sex. It can also help you sleep and even offer a boost in confidence. A quickie could be just what you need! Fruits, chocolate and popsicles can be a good place to start from in addition to the whipped cream!

The Mile-High Club is reserved for those who have gotten steamy and sexy on an airplane, typically in the airplane bathroom. These fun and sexy items to add to your sex bucket list are only the beginning for all the ways you can get creative and unlock new layers to your sex and love lives. Next. Love it? Share It. Related Posts. September 20th, 5 Comments. August 20th, 2 Comments. August 1st, 0 Comments. July 27th, 5 Comments. July 3rd, 9 Comments. June 9th, 4 Comments. May 31st, 5 Comments. May 25th, 0 Comments.

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Looking for erotic fun and more

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