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When you live in one place for a long time, you establish a lot of friends and acquaintances. You take for granted how effortless friendships are that have so much time and history. If all your family and friends live too far away to visit often, it can be doubly hard.

Especially for introverts , making friends in a new city takes a lot of emotional energy and effort. You have to find places to meet new people. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to forge new connections. And thanks to the internet, exploring some of these options in your new hometown can be as easy as a few keystrokes. Others might be as simple as going out to explore the area. Which one of these will you try today? Just remember, before you go your separate ways to suggest getting together again.

Find a group who shares a physical activity you enjoy and become a regular. Strike up conversations with other members and suggest meeting for coffee, wine, or beer after an event or meeting. If you love books , a book club is a wonderful way to meet new people with a similar interest. You can find book clubs through your local bookstore, online, or through Meetup. There are so many fun opportunities for volunteering with large groups of people where you might find your tribe.

Volunteer in areas that are meaningful and interesting to you. You can volunteer as a coach, for a cultural event, or for a local art show. Sometimes the places to meet new friends are right in our own backyards. Have you reached out to your neighbors lately? If you see your neighbor working in the yard, walk over and speak to them and offer to help. Or make a little extra soup or an extra dozen cookies and walk them to the family down the street. By extending yourself just a little, you might meet some wonderful new friends within a short walk of your home.

Wherever you happen to be — in line at the post office, at the grocery store, or at a concert, start a conversation with someone around you. Have a few conversation starters handy so you always have something to say to kick off a chat. Yes, this might be uncomfortable at first, but if the other person is friendly and responsive, it might be the beginning of an interesting connection. Do you have a furry friend who has ed you in your new town? Taking your dog for a walk gives new people a reason to stop and talk to you.

Other dogs will be naturally curious and drag their owners over to say hello in doggie language. Find restaurants that have community dinner tables or bar tables. Rather than isolating yourself at a two-top, sit at the community table or at the bar and meet new people seated nearby. Introduce yourself and speak to the people around you. Or maybe one of your Facebook friends knows some people in your new area and can introduce you. Reach out to a few and meet up for coffee. Invite them to bring a friend along so you expand your potential circle of new connections.

Make a pot of soup or order a few pizzas. The point is to simply bring people together and expand your circles. Are there groups or associations related to your career? Research local business events and attend them so you can network professionally and personally. When you chat with other participants, expand your conversation beyond the typical business topics. Become an annual member of the symphony, local theater, or ballet.

Attend the performances as well as the fundraising and member events. Strike up conversations with other attendees who are there because they appreciate the arts just like you. If you prefer visual art, visit your local galleries, talk with the owners or managers, and discuss the art with other guests.

One of the best ways to meet people is in a class at the gym. If you have a couple of friends or acquaintances who have a larger circle of friends, ask them to introduce you to new people. Ask them to make an connection and then follow up yourself to suggest a get-together.

Speaking clubs not only give you the confidence to make presentations, but they also give you the chance to meet a variety of new and interesting people. Maybe you live in a city with local breweries that offer brew tours. in the fun and after a few beers, it will much easier to chat with others. If you have wineries nearby or even restaurants that offer wine tastings, up, and meet other connoisseurs.

Beer, wine, and socializing always seem to pair well together. Ballroom dancing is a great way to get up close and personal with potential new friends or romantic partners. Take a jazz class, Zumba, or Salsa dancing. You may need to participate in a Sunday School class or other small gathering to break the ice and get to know other members.

Look in your local community guide to see what happenings and events are coming up in your area. Attend some of these events and try to sit next to someone who might be looking for a new friend too. Do you enjoy jazz or some other music genre that works well in a smaller venue and allows for conversation?

Find a relaxed, low key club where you can listen to great music and start up an interesting conversation. When you start to feel house-bound especially if you work from home , go to a local Starbucks or indie coffee house to work. Strike up a conversation with the person at the table next to you. You never know who you might meet. Do you like art? Natural history? Most cities have one or several museums devoted to something that interests you.

Try to enroll in a more hands-on class rather than a lecture course, which will allow you to talk with other students. Some kind of art class generally allows for more conversation. Make a point to introduce yourself to other students and initiate conversation with those around you. If so, get really involved by becoming a board member or key player for the organization. It can be intimidating to go to a restaurant by yourself, but try dining out and sitting at the bar instead of alone at a table.

Try to appear approachable and friendly to other people. These events often have a festive, sociable atmosphere, so make the most of it. There are new sites online similar to the Match. Check out the sites SocialJane. Even if you think the event might not be your thing, take a chance and go anyway. Or if you want to raise awareness of injustice, you can contact organizations that hold events such as protests, sit-ins, and marches. Show up and lend your presence and your voice to support others in a cause worth fighting for.

A great way to meet new people is to become more active in local politics and to speak up for causes you support. You can do this by ing your local city council and showing up for meetings. Becoming more aware of the issues important to your community also helps you become more aware of your positions on each. Approach it with a commitment to learning more and hearing new perspectives. If your new city has a community center near you, check it out and pick up a copy of their calendar to keep track of interesting activities or events.

Show up for some and mingle to get acquainted with locals who might become friends. Online support groups are also an option, if circumstances make in-person meetings impractical. Taking part in local activities and events or in online resources for your community will make it easier for you to make meaningful connections. If someone in your family loves a particular sport, all the more reason to show up for their games.

Looking for friends something new

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