Looking looking and tired of it

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This post may contain affiliate links. Want to finally start winning at family organisation? It can be really disheartening to look in the mirror and see a tired, worn-out face looking back at you. There are many things, besides a lack of sleep, that can make you look tired. The reality is that there are lots of everyday stressors that can make us look more tired than we actually are. Some of them are actually super easy to deal with if you know how. Some, like stress and anxiety, can take longer to address. There is a very clear correlation between how we feel and how we look.

Then you can start to address the issues and start to like what you see in the mirror again. Then take a look at a list of some of the simple changes you can make to stop yourself looking tired all the time. This is a list of 11 great tips to stop you stop looking so tired. These are simple things that you can start doing from today to help you look less tired and in many cases actually help you feel less tired. So figure out how much sleep makes you feel good the next morning and then try and stick to this amount.

Luckily Pixi is being stocked by an increasing of retailers. This is because the skin under our eyes is super thin and gets thinner as we age, so the blood pooled beneath becomes more obvious. Allergies and a poor diet can also contribute to dark circles looking worse. So the best bet to lighten up those dark circles is to focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

It will be lighter in consistency than a facial moisturiser. It will also be more of a hydrating product than a heavy, oily product. This means blood is diverted away from fewer places where it is needed less urgently, places like our faces. Water is the key by the way — not tea or coffee which are diuretics, see tip 8 below or sugary drinks see tip 7 below. Aim to drink a good size glass of water first thing in the morning and a smaller glass last thing at night. Vitamin D. However, it is also important for guarding against illness AND stopping us from feeling tired and lethargic.

John Lewis has some lovely silk pillowcases — I know, I have just bought one — and there are plenty of others around on the high street. This is the pillowcase that I now own in mint green: The Ultimate Collection silk standard pillowcase.

Having tried to switch to sleeping on my back more times than I care to mention, I know that this is easier said than done. So keep caffeine, through coffee or black tea, intake to no more than a couple of small SMALL mugs per day. Go for decaffeinated versions — though be careful to choose naturally decaffeinated rather than chemically decaffeinated with solvents er, yuk. Clipper Tea does a lovely decaf black tea, which is naturally decaffeinated using carbon dioxide.

I buy mine Clipper decaf tea through Ocado. Read it here: Just breathe! But there is something simple you can do to help your body and in turn, stop looking tired. Moving around instead of spending endless hours sat at a desk, sat in the car, sat at home, can give your body the pep it needs. Sitting staring at a screen for hours can lead to dry, tired eyes that have fine lines all around them.

But it is SO important. Not only do we need a nice cool room to maintain a good quality of sleep, sleeping in dry air can take moisture from skin and eyes, leaving you waking up looking like death warmed up. It comes in at a nice budget-conscious price and gets lots of positive reviews. Find out more and get yours here. Table of Contents. Pinterest Facebook-f Instagram Youtube. Start typing and press enter to search Search ….

Looking looking and tired of it

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