Love in aldington

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I suppose that one of the most predictable—if not the most edifying—ways of demonstrating that life goes on, even in wartime, is to take note of the misery brought on by love. Richard Aldington was conscripted, which may have helped hasten the end of his marriage with H. In any case, the war separated them, they both took lovers, and Aldington, at least, has indulged in a great deal of the high-flown rhetoric of love and desire that tends to look, to the outsider, as self-aggrandizing foolishness.

I feel very confused and a little mad, yes, quite a little mad. But the saddest thing of all is — us. Where are we? What are we doing? What do we want? The war is driving us all mad…. I love you so much that it is an agony.

I love Arabella. This is really madness. I am so sorry you are ill. These mothers! They are only less imperative than their daughters! Dear Dooley, you are a jolly good sport and I admire you immensely. You have a hell of a long furrow to plough if what you fear is true. But I will do anything I can. What can I do? One afternoon! O my dear, my dear. What is there to say? Pain ever, forever.

What fools these mortals be, etc. Speaking of gratuitous quotations, Caroline Zilboorg, editor of Aldington and H. Yes, Aldington, who is legitimately learned in addition to being comically self-regarding, is imagining himself in Prometheus Unbound. And then he segues, oddly, to the conversational tone of ordinary husband-to-wife letters—which, in a way, makes this letter read even more like a missive from a disturbed survivor of a storm of a steel, rather than a man driven before the rather less historically specific tempests of love….

I have two or three French scientific books to read; it helps to keep one sane. Let me know how you are getting on. Is it very hot in Cornwall? With one letter down—and more time on his hands—Aldington thinks back… and realizes that he has already made an ass of himself.

Then he makes an ass of himself again…. My long letter written a few days ago, has very likely hurt you. I wish I could comfort you, my pretty one, and have you sleep gently in my arms. That I never for a moment doubt, but somehow this other thing has to be settled somehow…. The next paragraph is not for young eyes… in that it reveals too much of how a lonely young man at war might indulge his imagination. I fear that your having gone 3 weeks over your time is a pretty sure indication. What do you think? Have you tried giving yourself several orgasms in one night?

As you know, that helps a delayed period very much. I feel rather annoyed with him — dash it, he might have been more careful. You must write and tell me all that happens. It ought to prolong the war quite a lot? Au revoir.

Love in aldington

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War and Love