Need a shower partner

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You Brew My Tea may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this . Taking showers with your spouse or ificant other can be a wonderful thing. The fun, the funny, the odd, the useful and the kind of things that just make your life and relationship better. Why am I telling you to take a shower with your spouse? Because I know what it can do for a relationship.

You see, about a year ago I had this shoulder issue. My left shoulder from time to time will lock up and cause a considerable amount of pain if I try to move that arm very much. That le to difficulty doing everything, especially things like washing your hair, and yes, I am one of those people who really needs to wash her hair every day. So, as I was there and in a considerable amount of pain, I asked for help. That meant my Beau and I took a shower together. There was nothing sexual about the shower. It was simply getting cleaned up for the day, but it was so much fun that even after my shoulder was healed — we just kept doing it.

Here I am today to share with you the reasons that taking a shower with your spouse can change everything about your relationship. Sure there is a lot of jest in that list, but the truth is there are some great things that can happen when you decide to let yourself be vulnerable with your spouse. Intimacy is not a synonym for sexual relations.

Intimacy is a much deeper and more emotionally personal connection you have with someone else. When you allow yourself to open up and just be natural and yourself with another human being — you are allowing them into an intimate part of who you are.

If you feel your relationship with your spouse is faltering in true nonsexual intimacy, why not try something a little different and knock on the bathroom door to see if you can them in the shower. If your goal is to improve the relationship you have with your spouse, this is a great method. It falls in line with some of the best relationship books I have read.

I highly recommend checking out the following books:. Another reason to shower with your spouse is to simply give them or yourself that physical touch that makes you feel loved. I recommend reading the 5 Love Languages book with your spouse to understand a bit more about how this can impact your relationship.

We shower together with kids in the house all the time. They think it is normal now! If it makes you uncomfortable, you should avoid it for sure. I would recommend seeking support and counsel from someone you trust at home or school. You can even seek out support as a rape survivor at your local hospital. My husband and I shower together about once a week.

This started a month or so into our relationship. We have been together for 11 years. Married only for 2. We have two children and being in the shower is a great excuse for some alone time. We just talk or sometimes get much closer. The 15 year old boy being out of the house makes her more comfortable. My wife and myself have been showering together for years. At first we were not comfortable doing it knowing her daughter was next door but it became natural after some time.

Today when her mother comes and stay at home we do not prevent ourself from doing it. I love the feeling of closeness and extreme proximity we share when I clean every parts of her body. After the shower I will apply lotion on her breast, her legs and harms. Please submit your comment with a real name. Thanks for your feedback! Someone else washing your hair is incredibly relaxing. The slight scalp massage and feeling their fingers in your hair is the next best thing to a back rub after a long stressful day.

That spot on your back you never can reach will finally get washed properly. Being naked together in the bright light and a tiny space can be frightening at first, but will quickly begin to break down barriers. You are forced to trust that person with your insecurities, and that increases the trust in your relationship overall. Water conservation! You might spot an odd mole or growth that could have become cancer. Someone else is there to pick up the soap when you drop it, so there is no need to buy soap on a rope.

Yes, that is a legitimate product. You can bargain with each other over who is going to do the dreaded chore with hot water dibs. Yes, the person who gives up the last of the hot water gets a break from their hated chore. The best brainstorming happens in the shower, and now you have someone to talk to about it.

That kiss on the back of your neck is way better when you are standing under the hot water of a shower too. You stop seeing each other as the tired person on the other side of the bed, and more like the lover you first fell in love with.

Some days showers together do lead to other intimate things which make your day a lot easier to face. I highly recommend checking out the following books: I highly recommend checking out the following relationship books: The 5 Love Languages 47 Little Love Boosters For A Happy Marriage Another reason to shower with your spouse is to simply give them or yourself that physical touch that makes you feel loved. Get The Kit. Comments Nah.. Any feedback for me? Forget it! If the purpose is to conserve what it will do you no good.

Some couple like hugging and kissing in shower so water time could take up more its romantic. the Discussion! Cancel reply Please submit your comment with a real name. Comment Thanks for your feedback! Leave this field empty.

Need a shower partner

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