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C1h proud symbol 'V ". Cs vry ah-ce, by every brie, e. Oa thee th fit! Ana fearleej tribe of naked mo , 4 Baiithe from far Tahiti' Isle. And mil to man disdain to stoop A toku of th rebel' right i 1. J ' To rule th I and from tyrant went. Ilia title, jdilico and th fights ' Hi fit regailla, iword and gun. Th ho of heaven' prophtie. Mary, for. Altlie door be met Mr. Ritchie, who wrote him on the subject, acatler the hopes of Clay l : and a monster Bank to the winds, ao far aa he ia concerned.

The people look upon ilia rreatlon of aNationalBank with horror, and a the certain destruction of , our republican insiitiiiiona. Aa to the tionatittttionality n a bank o th United States aa lhat ia a question not depend ing upon ciicumataBcea 1 hiv not ehanoed mi opinion, unless very atrong double of the power Congreaalo exempt the atockbotdera from Individual respon aibilityicor.

Such ex eropton, however, if not at all essential to orooratio for banking, or any other vufDose. Bui I should be totally blnd to the lesions of expetien. I could believe it expedi ' ' ', ealabliah another. I supported. I Ihew ao regarded it ' Cut are are admnniahed by evety thing around ua, Uiat aay Bank which may now oatahliahed iileatiaed to le mere f arty engine, and one of the great controlling powera of the Slate. And i will " add; that, unless the nature of man be ; entirely changed, il will be aa corrupting V Sucn leatitution, in the hantja of a ' ' bold and uoaerupulous political party; by the great manufacturing intereat, aecur ed I ila allegiance by the bounties of a ,.

Richmond Ya. AT no period in American hiM i ha thoi moral influence, which mould and fashion oeiely,and work out great eVIaiting r ultiia eoclal and political condition, Dn in uore active operation than at th pment - poeh. Aod while this remark iajuat in regard to our country generally, it appllee, with pecu liar ampbtiii, to society lathe Great West. Iti tbe office of the Statesman and Philosopher to siz on Iheso elements of character, give them a proper direction, and finally shape lham into an order of unrivaled beauty and magnificence.

T" No social element is o active in producing those glorious , A the Democratic Piio- eiple, which pervades the hearts of our people. It is this principle hich I working out a new order of society in our country, establishing aoval politic I Institutions, stamping upon man a new character, influencing rur Jegiaa-tion, and i revolutionising a that pertain to man In hi socla and poitieal eoudition. It is because of the stubbornness ' and energy with which this principle moves onward, demolishing what hoary error had treasured up, and grappling, with its trouB hand, every institution and law which savors of excuiive privilege, tbatsom timid and uuphitauphieal spirits are siezed with alarm; and startle at imaginary horror.

They aee, in imagination, al the wild terrors of the French Bevoution re enacted, and all the beauty and harmony of Civil Society, turned into furiuo discord. But such individuals should be admoniihad, that the Deruocrtle principle 1 the true principle of Conservatism! This is the only lust and' rational meaning of th term Conservation, as applistl to our political csndition. Various opnions are entertained a to it ultimata effects upon our social nnd political condition, but every philosophic observer must a-free, that whatever are to be It ultimate ef fects, it is an active and powerful principle.

Our own opinion is, that, under proper direction, it has great and priceless treasure in store for mankind that it is the companion of true Christianity! Thus believing, to this end shall our hnm. It will b our aim, In eonduoting our proposed Review, to embody. In pHtlbsophical disquisition, free from effeasiv partisan bitterness, such sentiments as tend to lha rsalizailon of this golden hope, "-And in otter f this, our work will be iboroochlr n,. Such great qaestions as sbal 1, from tim to time, at! Mnn ef our Magazine will be devoted to.

The Geography, Qeology. Statistics, and History of tha Valley will receive eipeclal attention for It u b- lieved that these a e imperfetly understood bv. Ill connection with th foregoing department of the Western Democratic Review, will be our aim to make it, In a literary -point ef view, worthy th patron; of an enlightened public! It is intended, alo, to devote t portion ol each to Biographical Sketch of distinguished Western Statesmen. The principal de, however, Is, to supply, as far as eomes within th scope of such a work that great dciideratum, Democratic ' Literal lure.

It ha long been a source of mnf. Indeed, we need not dilat upon th importance of such a work, nor undertake to demonstrate itr necessity These consideration will readily occur toeiarr thinking mind. The Influence of a work which Ives form and feature to public sentiment, and mbadies the general thought and anrent id..

Relying for our support particularly upon th Democrats party, w have thu submitted a summary of our views andopinlyns, and w no commit our anwrprls to thif geuerou symoa- tales. Wa have tha promise of aid from ome of tht -nast enlightened miuds 'and ahU. I," "P"J. Each will consist of i i All bsnlnae. The enrolled membere of the aecond troon nf f!. March 11th, Drown Common Pleas. I tate to pay dsbu. Beginning at 9 sugartrees dr. Also, a certain other tract lying in the eountyof Brown and State of Ohio described as follows to witi Beginning at three beeches thence north 45 west, poles to 2 beeches, tbenee south 45 west, 67 poles to Hake, thence south 45 ea,t, 88 " oles to beech arid poplar, thence with 45 east, 50 poles to 3 beeches, and sugartra thence S.

Jhe wife further pray that a certain deed made by said Pater Dimes in his lifetime for said land to Wlllam Elliott may be cancelled annulled and held for naught, and that a certain mortgrge ex eeuteri by said Ellintt to the heirs of Peter Si mnn deceased may also he canelld annulled and held lor naught, and that said Admiiilstra tor may be authorized to loll laid land to pay the debt du and owing by the estate of th said Peter Simon deo'd.

Said defendants are therefore notified that unless they appear on or hafora the first day ofthe uext termef tile court of Common Pleas nf Brown. Jon Simon, Adm'r. Edward Evans, adminiairator of the eatate of VTilliam A, Frazer dee'd, willexpoae lo le at tbe front door of the court house, in aaid cotintv, at pub lie outcry, on Saturday the 13th day of April , between the hours of 10 o' clock A. Upon he following terms one hird in hand, one third in nine' months and one third in eighteen months after the day of sale. The deferred payment tobe made are by good securny.

The above lot is ordered by the court lo be sold aa the property of Win. Frazer dee'd. Evans, AdmV. March 12, Brown Common Pleaa. Abraham Meranda, Petition for Partition. Kaoeoca Marauds, Jeremiah Meranda cfcC-hiii. The defendants in tbe above case ' will tak notice that a petition was -nfed against them on tha 33d day of November in the eourl of common t'feas of Brown county Ohio, by Anrauam msranaa and is now pending, wherein the aaidlUrahamMeranda demand partition of the following ra estate,to wit Beginning In th tlver Ohio al th mouth of Miff 'rami two ma-pies corner te Boud dr-Sehoof laid ; thence up the river with it meanders north, 63 degrees east 70 poles, north, 65 dec-ess east', 80 poles lo the mouth of still-house run; tbenc north, 70 degrees east, 49 poles, thence north,84 degrees east, 77 to ths north of Looeys run 3 ma-pies thane up said run north, 16 degrees east, 58 soles, north, 18 west, ,40 poles, north, 70 west, 69 poles, north, 30 wesa, 88 pole.

Bond and SchooJ-fieW eornert thence with thair fine south, 19 eat, notes to Ih be ginning, except aores sold and conveyed to en Samuel Thomas out olsald tract la th life- im of James Msranda dc'd,laving t51 acres in said traet or thereabout and th aaid Abraham Meranda, at th next term of the eoart ol common Pleasof Brown county Ohio, will mak application t have partition mad ia laid primisas, and for such other orders as by law are authorized, ABRAHAM MERANDA. Porter, where he intends keeniug en hand a cood assortment of Stoves and pot metal at th stand occupisd by C.

Porter, on Front itieet,oue door above J. Evan's store, which he will sell at the lowest prices 49 r cash or approved country produce. Cvaa ox lo. I have also removed my Tin Shop to the lame place, where I intend keenini on hand a general assortment, by retail and wholesales I intend keeping on hand anassortment of Burt's eiiiroved Oil Blacking, by wholesale or retail. Stoves and Stove Ware. Tia and Cenner ware, repaired at tne shortest notice. Kipley, April 23, The People's Medicine. The pleat antet, cheapetl, and best in tne world. While ma ny articles are popular for a season, - and are then forgotten, Sherman's Losenges are ad mitted to use with increasing reputation as standard remedies.

When inch physicians as Rogers, Mott, Vaoderpool,Kissam,Ludlow,and nearly ail the respectable part of the acuity whan such clergymen a the Kav. Sebastian Streeter, Rev. Anion Ulark. Jlfayor, J. Sherman Brownen , Etq. Register, W. Ed ward J. Porter, Ex-Pres. Reed, of Baltimore, and in fact a maioritv of the whole American People, use and recommend Sherman's Medicated Loiengos end Plasters :no other evidence ot their virtu can ba raqiured, and when every one who uses them says they ar the best medicine in us aone can hesitate to admit their vafue.

Many are thus at- flicled and are doctored for something else, wlthoot the least relief. Even adults ar thus troubled, and very commonly too. Th Haf f Orphan Asylum in New York has used Sherman's Lozenges for Wmros, in nun dredi of cases, and they never btve failed to bring away th worms and cure th children ; they have also use I Sherman's Cough Lozenges for coughs, wheiplng cough, croup,, and most diseases or the lungs with the greatest benefit; aid Sherman's foot Man's Plasters, for pain or weakness in the side, back, or breast, and rheumatism.

Beardsley saved the life of on or his children by one box of these worm Jojenges. Hunter knew a young lady, aunposed on the brink of the grave, from a decline cured by Sherman' Worm Lozenge.

Nude girls Feesburg Ohio

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