Passion in philly

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Moving from your home state can be tough, let alone moving to another country. That can lead to a whole other level of homesickness. And they do. They run all the way back to , in fact. His ancestors, Italian immigrants, came over and settled in South Philly, where his grandparents and other family members remained. Some of his fondest memories include coming down on weekends in the summer to visit relatives and getting lost roaming the level of Veterans Stadium with his siblings.

It was in that Teti felt a bit trapped in his day job, and so began the birth of Passyunk Avenue — a Philadelphia-inspired bar and restaurant located in London, where visitors can expect a truly authentic Philadelphia experience right in the heart of the United Kingdom.

What started as a food truck, unsure of how well received it would be, has become two separate locations in London, and a must-see stop for tourists and Philadelphia fans worldwide. So, what does it feel like to experience the flair and flavors of Philly across the pond? You feel very comfortable from the moment you walk in. With a mix of both American and English employees, Teti says their largest aim is to deliver American-style customer service with a Philly edge. Upon entering in the summertime, you can guarantee the latest Phillies game will be airing on one of the TVs.

The walls are decked with Philadelphia memorabilia, most of which is donated by visitors to the tavern or sent from fans over here in the States. As for the most memorable experiences thus far in the young tenure of the restaurant? Well, there are two things that really stand out. And the second?

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Passion in philly

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