Nissan GTR 09+ (4 pcs) Seibon Carbon Fiber Center Gauge Bezel Set


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New Seibon 2017-2018 Pricing: We have revised our pricing for Seibon and give you the best deal possible! All prices online include shipping by airfreight (plane). We have these airfreights every couple of weeks so the total lead time to get your product from USA to our warehouse is most often 2 to 4 weeks, all subject to change and depending on other orders. So no longer the need to wait for months on container/ocean- shipments.

Want to compare pricing to USA shops? No problem, we can do that for you and keep it real:

Sample calculation for a ‘Nissan Skyline hood with usa retail 800 USD’
(This is a sample calculation, not for this specific product!)

Import direct from USA:

– Retail usa (sample calculation): 800 usd = 775 euro (Dec 2016),
shipping = – 400 euro,
VAT = 21% over 775 = 162 euro,
import tax 5% over 775 400 euro = 58 euro.

Grand Total: 1395 euro.
Delivery time: – 8 weeks.

Purchase the same item from Seibon’s EU importer Midnight Performance:

– Retail EU: 1095 euro incl 21% VAT,
shipping NL: 25 euro,
EU mostly 55 euro,
no extra charges for taxes.

Grand total average: 1135 euro.
Delivery Time: – 4 weeks.

You save: 300 euro and a lot of trouble, risk / warranty issues.

Again, this is a sample calculation, all seibon items have different prices and the actual price for each item can be found in the webshop.

Special Warranty terms for Seibon products

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Nissan GTR
Nissan GTR 2007 - 2018

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