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History of QSP

QSP Products, the ‘house brand’ of The Autosport Company, saw the light in 1983, albeit under the name “Allied Racing Supplies”. Under this label, they started making pedal sets, as well as street-legal belts, hood pins, shift knobs, belt covers, seat cushions and a few types of universal air filters.

In 1999, the name Allied Racing Supplies, popularly known as ARS, was changed to QSP (Quality Safety Parts). QSP focused on safety products, including neck ties, arm restraints and window nets. The main product was a FIA approved seat belt, intended for competition purposes.

A few years later, in 2005, the name QSP – Quality Safety Parts – was changed to QSP Raceware. This is partly due to the expansion of their product range which has expanded over the years. The focus ‘safety parts’ became a smaller part of the whole, so they introduced a small change in their name.

Now, 14 years later, QSP Products is distributed both inside and outside Europe!

FIA quality mark

There are also some products that meet anĀ FIA quality mark.
QSP Products is the first and still the only Dutch manufacturer to have its own FIA inspection on their safety belts. There is also an FIA inspection on seats and LED lights.

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