Real guy seeks girl

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Baruchel plays Josh Greenberg, who tackles the single life with the help of his best friend Mike Bunt Eric Andre after being dumped by his longtime girlfriend Maggie Maya Erskine. Finding love, however, is not as easy as your typical minute rom-com would have you believe. For Josh, returning to the dating scene means not only surviving a blind date with an actual troll , but also enduring the humiliation of learning that his ex-girlfriend is dating Adolf Hitler.

For those unfamiliar with Rich, he has accomplished more professionally by age 30 than most writers can hope to achieve in their lifetimes. In the meantime, he published three story collections and two novels — all before creating his own show for FXX, executive produced by Lorne Michaels. Perelman and I was a fan of his for so many years. I think literally since he was 21, I was a fan of this writing.

Playing absurdity with sincerity is exactly what this show is going for. In the reality of this show, these things are happening. So his ex-girlfriend really is dating Hitler and he really does go on a date with a troll and she really does bite him and he has blood coming out of him… That was just a creative choice that we made. To that point, the actors play the stories as straight as possible.

For Baruchel, though the situations are insane, the emotions are very relatable. We always want to make sure that the audience has something to connect to. Rich, whose stories know no bounds, finds that writing for television has its advantages. The actors have improvisational freedom as well. Maxtone-Graham too was immediately taken by the pilot. Making a show with so many surreal elements requires some heavy lifting from the production team.

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Real guy seeks girl

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