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Show All Answers. In response to the Covid crisis, the City of Trenton is providing low-interest loans to Trenton businesses to help them remain in business and protect jobs. Not any longer. To view a map of the UEZ , . If you are still unsure if you are in the Urban Enterprise Zone or if you would like to become a Zone business, please contact Tom McGough at tmcgough trentonnj. No, households that currently receive HUD or VA rental subsidies are not eligible to receive rental assistance through this program.

Yes, an address is required to apply for this program. If you do not have a valid address, you will need to create one to complete the application. The following are popular, free providers:. You can access Zoom Grants via any internet-enabled device, including computers, tablets, and phones. Depending on the specific requirements set up in each opportunity, you may also need access to a scanner.

ZoomGrants will save your progress automatically via an auto-save feature that triggers as soon as you click outside of a field. You sure can! If you share your credentials with other folks, they can also log into your and work on your application directly and can even use your to submit the application on your behalf. ZoomGrants will not allow you to submit an application if required information is missing.

For technical issues completing or submitting your application, please contact ZoomGrants. All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will have the opportunity to be selected to receive assistance. Selected applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection via the application portal. Utility assistance may be provided with an application for rent assistance only.

No assistance will be provided after December 30, Utility assistance will only be provided in conjunction with rent assistance, subject to the availability of funds. Only one application per property address will be accepted. If awarded you are ineligible to apply for future funding under the same funding source.

The decision whether an application is approved or denied will be sent in late November through December. No, the funds will be paid directly to your landlord or property management company to be credited to your . The City reserves the right to conduct virtual inspections. The City reserves the right to not inspect the unit. The City reserves the right to waive the inspection on properties that have received a Certificate of Occupancy within days of the application.

All properties with children under the age of 6 years old will be inspected for defective paint consistent with the requirements of 24 CFR Part 35, subpart M. Yes, communication between renters and landlords is important to help make the payment quickly if the renter is approved to receive rental assistance. When you complete your application online you will need to provide contact information for your landlord.

Please be proactive and contact your landlord, tell them about the program, ask for their address, and let them know that is how they will be contacted if your application is approved. We encourage you to be proactive and contact your landlord, tell them about the program, ask for their address, and let them know they will be contacted if your application is approved. Your landlord cannot be forced to participate in the program or to accept funds. The City of Trenton cannot provide this payment to the landlord unless they submit the necessary forms.

The eviction moratorium does not halt court proceedings; instead, it prevents lockouts and removals. The New Jersey Supreme Court controls court proceedings related to eviction and has suspended all eviction proceedings for now. This means that your landlord cannot take you to court at this time, but they will be able to once the courts reopen.

The eviction moratorium will last until two months after Governor Murphy declares an end to the COVID health crisis, unless the Governor issues another Executive Order to end it sooner. Local officials will then removing tenants who are subject to final court orders of eviction. NJ Eviction Mortarium Information. Students do not qualify for HOME assistance unless the individual meets one of the exemptions below. Every year on or about February 1, notices of property tax assessments are mailed to owners of taxable properties. Please contact the Assessors Office at or by for duplicate information.

You must include the property location and assessment year. The Assessor's office can review assessments at any time during the year for adjustment to the following year. There are property tax deductions and exemptions available for Senior citizens, Veterans, and Disabled Persons.

Abatements and exemptions for new construction and improvements to properties are also available. Applications and instructions for filing are on our Property Tax Forms . Property assessments can be appealed by April 1 each year. If an added assessment bill was generated in October, the assessment can be appealed by December 1 of that year. Always discuss assessment issues with the Tax Assessor before filing an appeal. Your application is filed in the Division of Purchasing's computer database according to the product or service your company provides. The Division of Purchasing receives requests from other divisions of the City who needs products or services.

The lowest bidder meeting our requirements for the product or service is then awarded a Purchase Order. The formal bid process is much more detailed than quotations, requiring a of forms, which need to be completed and submitted with your bid. The award is made by resolution based on established criteria for evaluating.

The Division of Purchasing is always available to answer any questions that may arise. The following are phone s you may want to keep handy:. You will receive a City of Trenton Purchase Order. This purchase order is your Authorization to deliver the product or service. When you receive your Purchase Order, you will also receive a voucher.

Once you deliver the product or service, the voucher and return it to the "Bill to" address on the Purchase Order. If there is no "Bill to" address, send voucher to "Ship to" address. The following is a list of some contracts, which the City bids annually:. If you would like to know the status of your payment, please contact the department where the payment was originated. For instance, if you provided recreational services or equipment, contact the Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture.

Our office hours are a. Call for more information. Call the Trenton Fire Department at and have them install free working smoke detectors. Homes with smoke alarms typically have a death rate that is 40 to 50 percent less than the rate for homes without alarms. Sadly, three of every 10 reported fires in homes equipped with smoke alarms, the devices did not work.

Please visit our Fire Department Recruitment to learn about how to apply. For financial assistance please call or visit our office at N Broad Street in our Division of Community and Social Relations. Planning Board meeting agendas and minutes can be found in the Agenda Center. If you cannot find minutes for a meeting of interest to you, call Application forms for projects to go before the Planning Board can be found on the Forms web. Information and procedures regarding purchasing property owned by the City of Trenton can be found on the Purchasing City-Owned Property . Affordable Homeownership opportunities can be found on the Division of Housing Production's web.

The Division of Planning has produced a of standard maps for various purposes. These maps can be found on the Index of Planning Documents and Maps. We cannot accommodate custom map requests at this time. See driving directions to Trenton City Hall. Contact the Department of Inspections at There are no specific appointment times; however, a time frame of up to two hours may be given.

No, in the content of the application it requires that the applicant authorize the inspection and access to the property since the buyer has no legal rights to the property until it is sold. The seller or their agent can only apply for the inspection. The application may be filed online and payment mailed to department.

Buy may submit application if they are responsible to obtain C. After the inspection is complete, a list of violations is given to the seller and after completion of those violations a certificate will be issued.

Sex date Trenton

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