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The goal of this plan was to reimagine the Museum as a 21st century civic asset by expanding educational and public programming space and creating strong physical and aesthetic connections between the Museum grounds, an adjacent park and a greenway trail. Phase I will also include creating trail connections to nearby amenities including the WaterWise Garden south of the Museum and Phelps Grove Park to the west of the Museum. This will also improve connections between the Museum grounds and Phelps Grove Park, located to the west of the Amphitheater.

While developing the year Master Plan it was discovered that FEMA was in the process of redrawing flood plain maps and planned to place the Museum in both the year and year flood plain. To correct this, the City of Springfield is working to widen and naturalize Fassnight Creek. For more information about the Fassnight Creek Stormwater Improvement Project, visit the following weblink: . A key goal of the year Master Plan is to connect the Museum and its grounds to sites and amenities throughout the City via our stellar Greenway Trails. This goal will be met through the future construction of a multi-use trail connection, planned for construction in fall The new 1, linear foot path will include a bike repair station, ADA ramps and will connect to shared bike lanes on Brookside Drive via a new pedestrian bridge.

The trail project will begin construction following the completion of a separate stretch of trail further to the west, from Jefferson Avenue to Clay Avenue. Per the year Master Plan, Phase I will also include improvements to parking, which will be relocated to the north side of the Museum property, creating better connectivity between the Museum grounds and Phelps Grove Park as well as additional greenspace for the Amphitheater. In addition to expanded parking, these improvements will include enhanced access to the Museum grounds through trails and walkways, improved lighting, attractive landscaping, and stormwater management features such as pervious pavers and other improvements that will help water quality by addressing nonpoint source pollutants.

Parking improvements will be completed through a phased approach. Phase 1 includes construction of westside parking with most of the Museum's current parking lot remaining. This is to ensure handicap accessible parking is available for the Museum's current west entrance. The sketch below illustrates the proposed Phase 1 improvements. As part of the Northside Parking Improvements, the Museum will work to implement environmentally sustainable solutions including those intended to address pollutants from parking lot run-off, referred to as "nonpoint source pollutants".

This will be achieved through pervious pavers, native plantings, and other measures that will help filter pollutants before they enter the water supply. The sketch below details a cross section of the proposed parking lot improvements and the measures taken to address stormwater management. This wing was built in and includes classroom spaces, a family learning center, and administrative offices. Due to its size, its configuration, and its age, this wing is no longer functional to meet the needs of the Museum today.

Brookside Drive is converted to a boulevard with planted median creating an entryway into the Museum, Phelps Grove Park, and Phelps Grove Neighborhood. Ample glass walls break down barriers between inside and outdoors, while highlighting the activities taking place within the Museum.

The floorplan below details the new Education Wing. New studio art classroom spaces 3 will include operable walls that will enable these spaces to serve both small and large class sizes providing maximum flexibility for children's classes as well as school tour groups. The expanded Family Learning Center 8 will include numerous play-based learning activities to engage the entire family and will open to the Courtyard space 5 connecting art with nature and learning.

The 2nd floor features a communal art studio for adult classes and adult learning 3 , office and conference room space 4 , and a centralized staff library space 7. Ample storage is provided on both the first and second floors 9. Phase III includes the addition of a new entry-way and large event space on the west side of the Museum. The large event space will provide capacity for seated events with attendance of — A new gallery space and reception area are planned on the south end of this addition.

Glass curtain walls allow the planned event space to open out to a continuous lawn, connecting the Museum to the outdoor Amphitheater and Phelps Grove Park beyond. The interior views illustrate the architectural through-line connection from the grounds, through the entry, past the Auditorium, toward the Courtyard at the center of the Museum floorplan. The Phase III improvements reorients the Museum's west entrance toward the Amphitheater and lawn and aligns the building with trails leading into Phelps Grove Park and sites beyond.

The new entry, lobby, and event space 6 provides ample opportunities for large community gatherings and Museum events as well as more intimate spaces for small meetings 6. Operable glass walls open out onto the Museum grounds connecting events happening inside with those happening outside on the lawn and in the Amphitheater.

Phase III also provides expanded gallery space 2 that will connect Museum programs to community and Museum events. A large kitchen 5 provides opportunities for catered events and food service. Additional office space 4 will be created for Southwest Missouri Museum Associates SMMA , who founded the Museum in and have contributed mightily to the Museum's growth over the years.

An existing art storage area will be eliminated to expand gallery space. If you are interested in supporting this project financially or otherwise, please contact Nick Nelson, Museum Director, at nnelson springfieldmo. Naming opportunities are available. In.

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