Want my balls licked

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I'm 36f and always thought that men just liked their balls played with in general. I just like the feel of them so I'll constantly massage his testicles during blowjobs, while I'm riding him, and basically whenever I can reach it. I also try to put both balls into my mouth. My partner seems to like it but you never know. Also, I'm not sure how much pressure to put on the balls while I'm fondling or when it's in my mouth. I know that everyone has their preferences but just curious about yours cause a girl can never learn enough about these things.

Thanks a bunch!! Success stories from fellow female redditors will be appreciated too. Yes, yes and yes. Same with my SO. It caught me off guard at first I love to suck cock but it's way more fun tbh. My balls are uber sensitive so here is my advice for guys like me. I absolutely loved to have my balls cupped gently during hj and bj fun. I don't like my boys bouncing up and down slamming against my body. Cupping with light massaging is all I need to feel safe and satisfied. Some light licking lets me know she cares. I'm not into hard sucking or heavy massage.

If you put my balls in your mouth and slowly suck it's a big turn on and trust act. I only engage in ball play with committed partners. If it's causal I prefer hands off. Why bother teaching someone temporary? Well i personally just like it when they're getting massaged and nothing else :. Exactly, heard too many horror stories, one with tangling of things.

For the amount of pleasure I get, close to none, the thought of internal entanglement is completely unnecessary. I want my balls left the fuck alone. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Sucked on is nice IMO but I like licking the best. There is sorta a fine line between too much pressure, though. I even like a little tug when gripped properly. Yes, all of this licking, massaging, sucking but gently please. Things can easily get painful if you go a bit too rough. I think most men will like if you take care of their balls.

It adds to the pleasure. But some people like it rough. My man likes when I stretch his balls quite firmly. Juste beware of testicular torsion. It can happen, it's very painfull and can lead to some dreadful complications. Very gently licked or fondled. If sucked firmly like a dick I'd pass out from pain. So great when she reaches to play while riding me But also: squeeze, pull, hit, and hurt them, especially while I come.

You can get me close, stop touching my penis, and just punch me in the nuts until I shoot. Sometimes a very light touch can feel good. Licking can feel funny. Sucking one is painful, and I can't imagine the pain I'd be in if she tried to get both in her mouth. For what it's worth, my SO really enjoyed when I lightly massage or suck on his balls. I don't mind it at all, but god damn it, be gentle with my boys. For me it feel pretty good and I enjoy everything my wife does with my balls.

As long as its not to aggressive it is great. Any attention being paid to the balls or the penis is greatly appreciated on my part at any time. You keep doing what you're doing until your man instructs otherwise. In my own experience with women you are a unique one to do this. Thank you for being such a giving partner. I've tried to get many a woman I've been with and dated to do this and some found it too distracting while blowing me or fucking, or didn't really seem to care for it such that they'd do it once without much enthusiasm and then never again.

In terms of how hard you can do so, you have to ask your partner for feedback, even ask if he knows what sort of stimulation he likes on his scrotum. I'm fond of being lightly grazed or tickled on my scrotum with fingers. Some times just having my balls held gently. And then making a circle with your first finger and thumb around the scrotum, but above the testicles, right where the scrotum meets the crotch, and then gently to more forcefully tugging down repeatedly.

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Want my balls licked

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