Wanted professional for private strip show tonight

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First, pick the right club. A strip club with an excellent stage show is like a nightclub with risque entertainment—an easy transition for most women. The best stage show of the Vegas strip clubs is at Palomino, a top Vegas nude club club website , with outstanding pole dancing, girl on girl shows, and striptease with an emphasis on the tease—like an erotic Cirque show. But some wives and girlfriends go into this experience already fantasizing primarily about high-contact lap dances or private shows with dancers. Sapphire club website and Deja Vu Showgirls Vegas are high-mileage topless clubs with dancers who are good at entertaining couples.

These can be a great evening for a couple coming to a strip club together for the first time. Many dancers at most Vegas strip clubs will not automatically approach a couple the way they will a table of guys. Start by sitting on the rail and tipping the dancers. Split up your tip money so that both of you can show your appreciation for the stage dancers. Right away, my wife loved tipping the dancers for beautiful and sexy performances. After sitting at the stage and tipping for a while, try going to a table to enjoy a drink with each other and make it easy for dancers to approach you.

If the dancer offers a lap dance or private show, let your wife be the one to decide. Dancers who approach couples to offer private dances are good at taking control of the situation. The dancer will want to make her feel comfortable, and get her enjoying the dance, before she starts paying any attention to you. She will likely do anything to avoid a situation where your wife is sitting there feeling left out. In my experience, most dancers are people who really care about making their guests happy.

But the minute we sat down in the private room, the dancer went straight to my wife. That surprised my wife so much that she laughed. The three of us spent a lot of our time in that room laughing. I enjoyed watching the dancer give attention to my wife. It was a combination of erotic and amusing. The dancer was so sweet and smiling that my wife gave up trying to resist. She said she felt gratitude to the dancer. I told her it feels the same for guys. My wife also told me that the parts of the dance that had turned her on most were the moves and moments that she knew, as my wife, were most turning me on.

She said she got turned on most vicariously through me. It was an excellent experience, and each time since has been different and special. I highly recommend it as a romantic, erotic experience for couples. The norm in Vegas is that the price of a lap dance or private show for a couple is the same as a lap dance or private show for a single customer. But dancers at most clubs are independent contractors free to set their own prices. Most lap dances take place out on the main club showroom. The exception is Little Darlings, where every lap dance is fully nude and takes place in a private room.

Be sure to check out the special couples packages offered by some of the couples-friendly Vegas strip clubs. I consider packages for couples more important than packages for guys going solo to a club. These features have real value at this club where the lines can get long at peak hours and it can be impossible to find a seat without a reserved table. My wife enjoys this elegant club with its shows on three stages and erotic lap dance scene.

And packages offer additional value. Again, these features have real value at this popular club, which gets packed at peak hours. You may be interested in Female-Friendly Vegas Strip Clubs , which focuses more on clubs friendly to women going solo or in female couples or group. First and foremost, thank you for your incredible website, Arnold! Being strip club newbies, this website has been a immensely helpful for my husband and me. I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of questions. Also, as a bisexual woman, any club with girls who enjoy performing with other dancers, or who particularly enjoy female customers is a big plus!

Do those sound like a good fit? If so, do we both need to show the coupon on each of our phones? If he or I get a lap dance, can we go into a private room together? Would we each be able to get a lap dance from 2 different girls in one room together? Hookah at the Club I see Little Darlings has hookah! My husband is a fan, and I figure Vegas is a good place for my first time. What kinds of snacks do they typically offer? Any particular price range? Is this still happening?

Time Frame I know it probably varies greatly, but about how long should we expect to be in each club? Maybe 2 or 3 hours? Also, are there normally long lines to enter these particular clubs, say around 10pm or 11pm? I see a lot of professional photos, but not a lot of personal. Thank you so much in advance, Arnold!

You site has been indispensable in planning our first strip club experience. The stage show is fully nude. Free limo: Both of you will get free transportation and free admission with the club limo. Yes, and this would count as two separate dances. I took Little Darlings Happy Hour down today, as I just learned today that Little Darlings no longer has the half-price dances from 4 — 7 pm. How long should we expect to be in each club?

Early in the evening, with fewer dancers, you might start cycling through the lineup after an hour or less. Later, when a full crew is on, you might not see the same dancer twice in many hours. A package is nice at these clubs, because the packages include a line pass and reserved table for the night.

We will definitely report back after our trip. In your experience is the totally nude club a little too heavy handed for a first time shy wife? The strip club visit will be all about her. Is there any advise you can lend that will make her feel more at ease? Also, should I have any concern about a hole drunk patrons trying to say and do inappropriate things that will make my wife uncomfortable or do the individual clubs have this under control? Palomino Club is a good choice even for a wife going to a strip club for the first time.

The show is exceptional and beautiful and erotic. You can have a drink together and just relax and enjoy it. The first time I went to the club with Arnold, it felt like a friendly, erotic circus or Cirque show to me. Nobody will push herself on you or your wife. And Palomino is a well-run club. There will be other women in the audience, and the other customers seem to be aware of them and respectful of them, and respectful of the dancers too.

The first time I went to a nude club with Arnold, I was nervous about it too. I tended to avert my eyes from critical areas and focus on how gracefully a dancer was pointing her toe. But I quickly got used to it. For me, the nudity became a kind of costume. I enjoy a different aspect of the performance than Arnold does. They will come because they want to express gratitude for the tips. They will be smiling, and they may do special kicks, or give close-up views of titties, embraces, or the like.

If this feels too scary to your wife, just sit a row back until she feels ready to sit on the rail. The first time a dancer on stage moved to caress my face with her breasts, I accidentally screamed. I pushed my chair back so hard that I almost knocked into another table. Everyone in the club turned their head, but the dancer was so sweet and nobody was mean to me.

We later got a private show with that dancer. It was wonderful and warm, and I think of her fondly still. A great perspective from Karen. My girlfriend has never been approached in any way or the subject of any unruly behavior or comments. Of course it could happen, there are jerks everywhere. I was told that strip clubs are a good place to pick up a 3rd for a night of fun in Vegas. Is this a good idea. You could pick a strip club and just start asking girls. Hi Karen, thank you for responding to my husbands post.

A couple questions for either you or your husband. We noticed that you mention in a of your articles that the places are better later in the evenings with more women. We live on the east coast and the time change will be difficult to adjust out in Vegas. Is Palomino still a good choice for around this time?

Wanted professional for private strip show tonight

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